Best Wearable Fitness Tracker on Amazon 2019 Review

With tons of sales and many happy customers, LETSCOM’s Fitness Tracker is a very popular and well performing listing under Amazon’s Sports & Fitness category. It is also reasonably priced, at the time of writing it is one of the most affordable fitness trackers available to purchase.

In this post, I will be providing a detailed analysis of my experiences with this gadget, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses so that you may make an educated decision with regards to any potential purchases.


As someone who enjoys looking at data and analytical things and making inferences from empirical information, having something that tracks your vital signs continually and makes that information easily accessible is very alluring.

When I first saw this listing on Amazon, I was reminded of when Ivan Drago is hooked up to a plethora of wires that monitor his performance

Ivan Drago’s Training

as well as a scene in 50 Cent‘s In Da Club video when he is also hooked up to an electrocardiogram while exercising.

50 Cent Training

It makes sense to record such information, not only to maximize training effectiveness but also to observe symptoms of potential heart issues earlier than they may have been discovered otherwise.

This is one of the best fitness trackers for activities like cycling, crossfit, triathlons or marathons.

In addition to being able to measure your heart rate, manually or every 5 minutes (configurable), it also:

  • acts as a pedometer for measuring steps
  • monitors your sleep patterns
  • displays smart phone messages
  • acts as a digital or analog watch

That’s not bad at all, considering that you’d likely spend a similar amount if you were buying a regular watch regardless.

The following will be an in-depth review of all the aspects you can think of regarding this, and similar devices, and then some.

tl;dr: I’ve been wearing my tracker for approximately two weeks now and I am quite satisfied with my purchase. For being such a low price and Amazon’s return policies, you cannot go wrong with this purchase.

Feature Analysis

Pedometer: 9/10

LETSCOM’s fitness trackers have a built-in pedometer, which measures the steps you take throughout your day.

This is done through the combination of an onboard accelerometer, a tiny mechanical structure that interfaces to hardware which measures the rate of change of velocity of an object, as well as GPS tracking for your position.

In the application settings, you can input the size of your gait or length of step (there is a default length already provided) and from this information (the pendulum-like movement of your arm and the distance you travel per rate of time) the amount of steps you take can be extrapolated.

To prevent accidental additions to the step counter, data starts to be logged when 30 consecutive steps have been observed by the device.

I have conducted several trials where I manually count my steps and compare them to the results logged by the device and the variance is always no more than a few percentage points off, if any. This small difference will become negligible with the more steps you take; if you wear the device all the time then there is no issue.

From the data you may initially input to calibrate your device, the steps you take may be used to generate a daily caloric usage calculation as well. This is quite useful for those who are looking to monitor weight-loss.

Studies have been done and found that frequently monitoring progress toward goals increases chance of success.

Heart Rate Monitor: 8/10

The device features a pulse sensor, where the wrist touches the underside of the device, which uses photoplethysmography to measure blood flow through light emission.

Through repeated trials with another, dedicated, oximeter and pulse monitor, I have found that the measured heart rate is usually pretty accurate, within +/-5% of the actual value.

That is better than most other fitness trackers, which often have a subpar heart rate monitor, more as a gimmick than anything else.

Using the data recorded from the device, you may optimize your workouts and potentially even discover medical conditions you did not know about.

From the data you can observe which exercises you do and how they affect your BPM, using a table like this:

BPMHeart Rate Zone
169-179Maximum Oxygen Usage by Volume
150-169Anaerobic (Muscle Building)
132-150Aerobic (Fat Burning)
113-132Optimal Fat Burning

The heart rate monitor has two modes: manual and automatic. The automatic features records your heart rate every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day. This data is stored on the device until it syncs to your phone via Bluetooth.

This hoard of information can be very valuable for review to medical professionals who can analyze the data to see if you may be at risk for cardiovascular conditions such as arrhythmia or cardiomyopathy.

If you are interested in a device that also measures blood pressure, I would recommend the CRATEC W5 Fitness Tracker:

In my opinion, it is much more worth to spend a few dollars on a piece of equipment to monitor your health than it is to spend thousands of dollars in medical bills to tread conditions when they develop.

Smart Phone Alerts and Reminders: 10/10

Upon linking to your smart phone, the device notifies you of calendar events, phone calls, alarms and social media events when they occur – in real time.

I was quite surprised at the strength of the vibration of the device, I would say that it is comparable to that of your smart phone, if not slightly more powerful.

If you plan to look for a device to help you get up in the morning and not oversleep, I would strongly recommend this fitness tracker. There is no way that you sleep through these vibrations.

Sleep Monitoring: 10/10

Sleep monitoring is automatically done and is not limited by time of day. As long as you sleep for a period of more than 2h, it will be logged.

Monitoring occurs through detecting your heart rate as well as movement to determine whether you are sleeping or awake. Furthermore, your sleep is categorized into sections, including: deep sleep (REM sleep included), light sleep and awake times.

The accuracy of the sleep recording shocked me, it was right down to the minute. This aspect of the device is probably the most impressive feature.

Remote Camera: 8/10

The associated application, VeryFitPro, includes a camera feature (uses your phone’s camera), with which you are able to take pictures by interacting with the fitness tracker.

There is nothing wrong with this functionality and it operates fine, the reason I did not rate it as a 10 is because it feels a bit out of place for what this device is normally used for.

Sport Training Modes: 10/10

Best Wearable Fitness Tracker on Amazon 2019 Review 2

Support for 14 different training modes is included. These are: walking, bike riding, hiking, trekking, dancing, badminton, general fitness, elliptical, treadmill, running, yoga, basketball, football (soccer) and tennis.

The purpose of these is to take into account the level of intensity for each activity into the calculations of calories burned and better gauge performance.

When connected to GPS, you are able to see a detailed illustration of the path(s) you took while you were running or bike riding.


Weight: 10/10

This device is super light, lighter than most watches you may own. Coming in at only 0.84 oz (23.8g), you will certainly forget that you are even wearing it.

Battery Life: 10/10

The included battery is lithium ion and rated at 65mAh. LETSCOM has engineered the device to use very little power so a charge for only an hour will last you an entire week of normal usage.

This is a fantastic feature for people with a limited amount of time on their hands, like busy moms and business-people.

Durability: 10/10

Best Wearable Fitness Tracker on Amazon 2019 Review 3

The device is made from a combination of strong reinforced plastic and metal. You would have to go out of your way to damage this device before it sustains any defects from normal usage.

The screen is made from a scratch-resistant and smudge-resistant OLED display. The device band is also thick and impossible to break or cut in any way.

Ease of Use: 9/10

There is only one button on the device, so it is extremely simple to operate. Accessibility was obviously one of the main design goals of this product.

By short pressing or long pressing (you are told which to do) you are able to access all the functionality on the device. All of the text is very large and readable. Perfect for old and young users.

If you are considering purchasing a fitness tracker for someone who is not very tech savvy, this is a good buy. The only technical portion involves pairing with Bluetooth (detailed instructions included in the box).

The application that is associated with LETSCOM’s deviced, VeryFitPro, is well designed and intuitive.

Comfortability: 9/10

The device is very comfortable and lighter than a regular wristwatch. After putting it on, you will not notice that you are wearing it during the day.

The band features a wide range of configurable lengths and supports sizes from as small as a child’s wrist to something much larger, like a bodybuilder’s wrist or someone who is overweight. It is very much a one-size-fits-all deal.

For individuals who would like a fitness tracker to wear on the upper arm, above the elbow or around the ankle, you will need to purchase an additional extender band. Some say that the tracker works even better in these areas!

During sleep it is also unnoticeable, if you already wear a watch to bed then this will be a similar experience.

Aesthetics: 10/10

LETSCOM did a great job with the design of this fitness tracker. It is slim, certainly one of the slimmest models that I have seen, and modern looking. Due to the size and shape, it is discrete and looks similar to a typical watch.

Additionally, there are many additional band colors to choose from so you can customize your fitness tracker to match whatever you feel like wearing for that particular day.


This is currently one of the best values for fitness trackers on Amazon, it is also one of the cheapest as well as being top reviewed by thousands of people!

Consider, how a small investment now can have long term fitness and medical benefits and save you money in the long run.

Competitor Alternative

If you’d like to check out a similar alternative, Fitbit produces fitness trackers that are equally as popular, although a bit more expensive:


Q: Do you need a phone?

A: You do need a phone to use this gadget, however you do not need to have it on you all the time. Sync the data from the device every few days to clear out the memory stored in it for best results.

Q: How do you charge it?

A: On one of the device ends, the part which is inserted into the band you wear on your arm, is a simplified USB plug made of copper, you simply insert that into your computer or USB wall charger. Easy.

Q: How long does a charge last?

A: With normal usage, you should expect to use it for about a week straight before you need to recharge. Charging is extremely fast, it only takes about an hour or two to recharge completely.

Q: What devices can I use this with?

A: Any device which can run iOS 7.1 + or Android 4.4 + as well as Bluetooth 4.0. So this is a great fitness tracker for either iPhone or Android devices.

Q: Is it water resistant?

A: Yes, the device is graded as IP67 waterproof, meaning it is protected against short submersion in water. It has, however, been reported that consumers have showered and bathed with this device and it has continued to work perfectly.

Q: Is the display always on?

A: No, the display only turns on for:

  • Notifications
  • Alerts
  • When you turn your arm towards yourself (as if you were checking the time on a regular watch)
  • When you press the button on the device

Closing Remarks

I am happy with my LETSCOM fitness tracker and I will be using it for the foreseeable future. It has many great features for a price that is a fraction of similar devices from other vendors.

The durability of the design and waterproof features are also big pluses. The biggest selling point for me was being able to see fitness progressions and statistics in the application.

It would be interesting for LETSCOM to produce something like a wearable fitness tracker ring or necklace to increase variety in their products.

This device is worth it and will improve your life. Do yourself a favor and get it.