Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019

Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 1
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Whether you are a professional gamer who makes thousands of dollars from streaming or competitive play or a casual gamer who plays for an hour or two every now and then, you need to put some consideration into the equipment you will be using.

Equipment with stronger design and better components such as high strength optical lasers and teflon undersides will improve your aim, tracking and accuracy in all game situations.

Top end mice, like the ones provided by FinalMouse, can reach upwards of a few hundred US dollars. However, there are very good alternatives which you can get for a fraction of the cost.

Ultimately, it is up to you whether you’d like to invest more or less money into your gear but even the best players can perform well on budget equipment.


1. FinalMouse Air58 | Best for Pros

Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 2

Whether it is Fortnite, Overwatch or Apex Legends, FinalMouse is the company that all the top tier players will be using. Players like Tfue, summit1g, Cloakzy, Bugha and FaZe Dubs all use this religiously.

Weighing only 58 grams, your hand will glide across your desk like butter. The geometric lattice design aims to both decrease weight and to increase grim by producing more surface tension when your hand is in contact with it.

Not only it is it one of lightest gaming mice available, but FinalMouse has included top of the line sensors which have extremely low input latency all across the board.

If you really want to take your game to the next level, we strongly suggest you check this one out: FinalMouse Air58

2. Logitech G502 | Best Value

Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 3Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 4

Before FinalMouse came into the game, Logitech’s flagship mouse, the G502 was king. With premium quality design and features, there is no doubt this mouse is one to consider.

This mouse includes a huge configurable DPI range (200-12,000 DPI), perfect for finding your exact settings. Additionally, there is an infinite scroll wheel (toggled mechanically) which lets you get an insane advantage in games like Fortnite where you can bind this feature to reset builds at god-like speeds.

Also included are 5 additional side buttons which you can bind to whatever you’d like as well as an RGB display on the palm section of the mouse.

Included in the shipment is a set of five 3.6g weights, which are placed and secured in the bottom of the mouse, for those who prefer a heavier build.

Players that you’ll find using this mouse include dakotaz, HighDistortion, and FaZe Megga. We don’t blame them either, this mouse is seriously impressive. Check it out here: Logitech G502

3. Logitech G203 Prodigy | Best Budget Pick

Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 5Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 6

If you don’t want to spend a ton of money and want to try out gaming, then this is the pick for you. The features are slightly lowered from the two above products, but for a large portion of users the difference will be negligible.

This mouse features:

  • two additional side buttons
  • DPI range of 200-8,000
  • weight of just over 3 ounces
  • RGB lights
  • simplistic, old-school design

This is the mouse that I personally use, and I really enjoy it (my previous was a G502). The familiar grip, shape and design of the mouse is why I keep using it. For those that don’t need all the bells and whistles, but still want quality for a great price – this is the mouse you want. Check it out: Logitech G203 Prodigy

Mouse Pad

An essential accessory for computer gaming is having a proper mouse pad. Mouse pads ensure that your mouse has the proper mobility necessary to translate your cursor to the positions that you want it to be in.

There are two predominant use cases that will determine what type of mouse pad is best for you, being whether: you aim with your wrist or with your entire arm.

Both of these hand and arm positions have their strengths and weaknesses and it really comes down to a matter of preference as well as which game you will be playing. For example, many professional Fortnite players play on low DPI and use their entire arm to aim for greater accuracy with weapons and build placements when cranking 90s.

Mouse Pads for Low DPI and Arm Aiming

Low DPI players typically play with a slightly lowest desk, which enables them to put their entire arm on the surface of the desk (often all the way to the elbow).

Sometimes, a technique in which the player’s keyboard is rotated slightly or completely (so that it is perpendicular to the torso) is used to maximize desk surface area for mouse movement.

In any case, low DPI players will need a larger mouse pad. Here are the ones that we found to be the best choices:

1. SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface XL | Best Quality

Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 9Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 10

2. Glorious Large Gaming Mouse Mat | Best Value

Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 11Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 12

3. AmazonBasics XXL Gaming Computer Mouse Pad | Best Budget Option

Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 13Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 14

Mouse Pads for High DPI and Wrist Aiming

High DPI players will typically use skillful wrist flicks and minor arm movement to manipulate the cursor into going to its destination.

Wrist placement may either be at the edge of the desk, such that the wrist is bent over the surface or it may be farther along the desk in a placement similar to that of a low DPI player.

Mouse pads for high DPI players may be smaller, since less surface area is needed to execute tasks, although many high DPI players also prefer to have larger sized mats for more mobility options.

Here are the pads we thought were best for high sensitivity players:

1. SteelSeries QcK Gaming Surface – Medium | Best All Around

Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 15Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 16

2. 3M Precise Mouse Pad | Best Hard Surface

Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 17Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 18

3. VicTsing Mouse Pad | Best Budget Option

Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 19Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 20

Mouse Bungee (Cable Management)

A mouse bungee is a tool that is used to provide greater freedom of for a mouse as well as preventing the mouse cable from tangling. Using a tool like this will prevent your cable from ever interfering with gameplay.

These devices were originally used in offices in the early 1990s but today they are a staple at the hands of competitive gamers.

A general bungee consists of a light-weight large rectangular base with a slip-resistant bottom with an elevated beam-like structure with a rubber clip that is used to grip the mouse cable and secure it multiple inches off of the table.

This is an optional purchase for players who are very serious about getting their hands on every advantage they can to take their game to the next level.

Here are the best mouse bungees currently available:

1. BenQ Zowie CAMADE | Best Quality

Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 21Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 22

2. Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee v2 | Best Value

Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 23Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 24

3. CASETHRONE Gaming Mouse Cable Management

Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 25Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 26

Mouse Skates / Teflon Tape

Mouse skates are replacement mouse feet or bottom lining for your mouse where it touches the mouse pad. They are made of extremely slick and slippery industrial strength material that helps your mouse glide like never before.

A product like this is for individuals who feel that their mouse pad is not providing too much friction and that they cannot properly move their mouse.

An alternative to mouse skates, which must be custom ordered for a particular mouse model, is to use teflon tape. Teflon is a plastic which has the lowest documented coefficient of friction; basically it is very slick and makes things slide a lot. Outside of gaming it is typically used as non-stick coating for cooking pans.

If you choose to go with the teflon tape, you will have to cut out the shape of your mouse feet in the tape with a shape razor or exacto-knife. It is not too difficult to do, but may take a little bit of time.

Here are the products we recommend:

1. Hyperslides Mouse Skates for Finalmouse Air58

Note: this product is only for the FinalMouse Air58 model mentioned in the mouse section. It is included as an example for custom mouse skates. Even if you do not own or plan to own the Air58, check out these skates to learn what they look like.

Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 27Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 28

2. Mouse Feet Mouse Skates DIY

Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 29Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 30

3. CS Hyde PTFE Mouse Tape

Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 31Best Mouse Setups for Gaming 2019 32

Closing Statements

Having the proper equipment can strengthen your skills in gaming, whatever the circumstances may be. We hope that this list helped you to make an educated decision.

If you have any questions, leave a comment below and we will respond promptly. Thanks for reading.