Best Automatic Hands-Free Toothbrush 2019

Best Automatic Hands-Free Toothbrush 2019 1

The American Dental Association (ADA) strongly suggests that everyone should brush their teeth for at least two minutes for two sessions each day.

Consistent and thorough brushing helps to prevent oral diseases and makes your teeth shine brightly. Additionally, it will cut down on the amount of painful visits to the dentist.

The reality, however, is that the average person only brushes their teeth once per day for a period of less than 60 seconds. This is about 4x less care than amount suggested by dental professionals.

Remembering to brush your teeth properly can be a burdensome and tiring chore but not doing so can yield terrifying results. In fact, around 90% of oral and gum diseases are caused directly from improper brushing!

What if you could get stunning super white teeth with no effort?

Go Smile Blu Hands-Free Teeth Whitening Toothbrush

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A company called Go Smile has put out some groundbreaking new tooth brushing technology.

Their product, Blu Hands-Free Teeth Whitening Toothbrush, lets you speed up all the work of brushing your teeth and reduce it to about 5 seconds. All you need to do is rinse the mouth-piece, apply toothpaste, turn it on and leave it in your mouth to do the hard work.

The hands-free toothbrush has three main focuses when it operates:

  • whitening your teeth
  • brushing the surface area and spaces between your teeth and gums
  • massaging your gums

Blu whitens your teeth

Dental procedures use both LED lights and UV (ultraviolet) lights to speed up teeth whitening for patients. UV light is a much higher frequency (~254nm) and lower wavelength form of light when compared to LED and is more effective in stimulating the cleaning sensation with regards to teeth whitening.

These lights are paired with a compound or gel that has hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide as one of the primary ingredients.

When these compounds, made of oxygen and hydrogen, are exposed to the surface of your teeth, UV light, or high temperatures, they break apart and act as a highly functioning and effective cleaning agent.

The issue is that these UV radiating dental devices are highly regulated by the FDA and may only be used by licensed dental professionals. However, this device uses the highest permitted frequency to that of UV to obtain the best available teeth whitening strength.

This automatic toothbrush uses a high powered blue LED light to activate a deep clean on the surface of your teeth. This effect is further enhanced with the addition of toothpaste or Go Smile’s foaming paste.

Say goodbye to stains caused by coffee and red wine drinking; by following consistent and suggested usage with this device, your teeth will be restored to a bright white state.

In addition to deep cleaning, the blue LED eliminates bacteria that cause bad breath, odor and periodontal disease.

Blu brushes your teeth

Blu features a high capacity sonic motor that is capable of performing a deeper clean better than traditional electric toothbrushes.

It features two modes (both with teeth whitening capabilities): low power clean and high power clean. This is great news for consumers that may have tooth sensitivity issues; you may choose a less rigorous brush setting that suits you well.

You may be wondering if it brushes similarly to a human or just vibrates, and the answer is that it brushes like a dentist. The sonic rhythms of the bristles deeply permeate all the little areas that a regular toothbrush would not be able to reach in addition to the constant surface shining.

Additionally, this device has a one-size-fits-all construction and is usable by the vast majority of individuals. This is a hands-free toothbrush that is also great for kids who don’t like to brush their teeth or forget to do so.

This hands-free toothbrush also has a built-in timer to make sure that you reach the recommended 2 minute threshold for brushing.

Blu massages your gums

Every good dentist will tell you that the key to having healthy teeth is having healthy gums. Your gums should be stimulated and cared for to the same degree as your teeth.

Blu features a soothing massage motion during operation which massages the gums and stimulates a larger flow of blood to the oral region, assisting with the delivery of oxygen and other essential compounds.

Closing Remarks

This device is a wonderful qualify gadget that can improve the lives of everyone who finds it difficult to brush their teeth. From children to adults and even disabled users or quadriplegic individuals.

If you find yourself short on time in the morning or too tired in the evening, this is the toothbrush for you. Perfect for multitaskers and people who don’t seem to have enough time in the day to finish activities.

Check out this great hands-free toothbrush here: Go Smile Blu Hands-Free Teeth Whitening Toothbrush